Student and tourist residences

Malissandre has confirmed the existence of a business opportunity in recent years around student and tourist residences in Spain and Portugal.

The professionals who are part of the Malissandre Group have extensive experience in the promotion, development and execution of this type of specialized residential complex.

Having confirmed the need for places, both in Spain and Portugal, for this type of accommodations, Malissandre is developing a chain of student and tourist residences.

Our goal is to create places in residential complexes of these types over the next three years in order to create a national network of accommodation of this nature.

In short, at Malissandre we strive to offer a response to the inevitable need for expansion of these types of accommodation in order to satisfy the significant demand that currently exists.

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Within its extensive experience in the tourism sector, Malissandre also carries out important operations in the hotel sector.

Our work, in this specific sector, consists in identifying significant hotel establishments, establishing optimization and positioning plans, and rehabilitating, where appropriate, said establishment with the aim of obtaining a restructured and optimized product that offers first-rate profitability.

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Tourist leisure parks

Malissandre, in recent years, has verified and studied in this area the existence of various business opportunities related to tourism leisure in numerous target markets.

The Malissandre Group has the advice of professionals with extensive experience in the promotion, development and execution of theme parks linked to the leisure sector in relevant tourist sites.

We aim at responding to a growing demand for this type of establishment, currently non-existent in the form created by Malissandre, in highly relevant and internationally prestigious tourist destinations.

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