Development, promotion, investment and/or support for investors

Our work methodology

  1. Search for assets, operations and plots.
  2. Development of the most adapted project in the hands of our technicians, operators and international partners, and Malissandre teams.
  3. Urban, legal and economic-financial validation.
  4. Development of the work, construction or rehabilitation.
  5. Follow-up of the operation by a first-rate manager or accompaniment until the investment is withdrawn.

Student residences

Malissandre, thanks to their experience in the real estate sector, have confirmed in recent years the existence of a business opportunity regarding student residences and tourist residences in Spain and Portugal.

The professionals who are part of the Malissandre Group have extensive experience in the promotion, development and execution of this type of specialized residential complex.


Product Information

Hotel Assets

Malissandre also carries out important operations in the tourism sector through hotel assets.

Our work, in this specific sector, consists in identifying significant hotel establishments, establishing optimization and positioning plans, and rehabilitating, where appropriate, said establishment with the aim of obtaining a restructured and optimized product that offers first-rate profitability.


Product Information